First Day at Achuzat Sara!

Welcome to the Achuzat Sara Summer Program 2K17 Blog!!! WARNING: Beware that if you read these blogs you will hear first-hand accounts of American inspirations undertaking vast tasks and achieving lofty goals. From working on their characters to saving their fellow members of Am Yisrael who are less privileged. Not only will these volunteers have a great summer with lots of fun, they will generate fun and smiles for those that do not have many other sources of happiness in their life. They will touch souls and their souls will be touched. So be careful, because this great, fun, kind group is taking Achuzat by storm. They're ready to give it their all and they will be saving world. It

First Day of Talpiot!

All aboard El Al! At approximately 10:30 AM EST, about 150 volunteers met at JFK airport anxious but ready to GP (for those in the dark, GP = get pumped). It's safe to say that most experienced some jitters due to the overwhelming nature of the El Al check in line and the 149 other volunteers who may or may not know each other already. However, once it was over and everyone was settled in at Gate B31, social barriers were broken, and all the volunteers began to mingle. The 12 hour flight only gave way to more social time, as volunteers ran up and down the aisles trying to meet as many KH participants as possible without waking our fellow flight members. Finally, after little sleep and lots

First Day of Afula

After a long flight, we finally arrived at Ben Gurion airport. With suitcases in hand we made our way to the main area of the airport where Eddie Mattout, a coordinator from Talpiot, met us with a big smile and Israeli music. We then went on a short hike and ended it off with team building activities with our individual homes. As the day got hotter, we got more exhausted, but warm pizza for lunch gave us some energy to function for our trip to the Kotel. When we arrived in the old city we had a beautiful mincha overlooking the entire Kotel. Just as the jet lag and the sleep deprivation started to kick in we arrived at our next stop, dinner. We were served platters of chicken, salads, Israeli

First Day of Neve Michael

To start off Kol Hanearim, each home was divided into their own busses. Kids were filled with excitement and everyone was eager for this experience to finally begin. After a short bus ride of socializing and meeting new people and making new friends, all homes meet at a nice park with beautiful scenery. Rav Yair added some extra excitement to the first event with all the homes as he was hoisting people up on his shoulders. After some icebreakers, we had pizza for lunch. We then went to the Kotel and had a great overlook on the Orayta rooftop as well as a meaningful experience. We then proceeded to Herzliya for a nice dinner with everyone together, with crazy dancing and great energy. After t

The Journey Begins!

The work we are off to do is not just a summer program to us. This is our life’s work, our life’s passion, and our life’s responsibility. The vision we have is big - We are striving to help every child at risk break the cycle of distress. We are striving to help every vulnerable member of society know that they have KH and Emunah as a support system. We are striving to shed light to the world on the beauty of the Jewish people. We are striving to demonstrate to the world how Israel is a leader of social work, social justice, and freedom. I have been doing this long enough to know that when I speak in these grand terms – people view it as fluffy or naïve. I can’t blame them. We are

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