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First Day of Afula

After a long flight, we finally arrived at Ben Gurion airport. With suitcases in hand we made our way to the main area of the airport where Eddie Mattout, a coordinator from Talpiot, met us with a big smile and Israeli music. We then went on a short hike and ended it off with team building activities with our individual homes. As the day got hotter, we got more exhausted, but warm pizza for lunch gave us some energy to function for our trip to the Kotel. When we arrived in the old city we had a beautiful mincha overlooking the entire Kotel. Just as the jet lag and the sleep deprivation started to kick in we arrived at our next stop, dinner. We were served platters of chicken, salads, Israeli dips, and pita. With the last bit of energy we had in us, all of Kol HaNearim mustered up the strength to have a dance party. We danced until we couldn't stand anymore, but it was the best way to loosen up our mindsets before hopping into the work we're here for.

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