GRADES: 10 -12


COST: $3350 program only | Add $3600 for either extension  (flights not included) 

Kol Hanearim Original Israel Program: Volunteer Counselors are placed at one of our affiliate Childrens' Homes across Israel. There, they spend 4 weeks giving the residents (KH Kids) an incredible summer camp experience. 


  • Create and lead awesome camp activities

  • Add RUACH to everyday chores

  • Build connections with individual kids and small groups. (It's one of THE most rewarding things you will do with your summer. Like. Ever.)

  • Hang out, play sports, and Be. Yourself. Show others they are cool just as they are.

  • Supervision + guidance from Kol HaNearim Coordinators/Home Staff present 24/7.

  • Elite Sports training by Daniel Tamir and  Leroy Samuel(!!!)

  • Banquets, Shabbatons, kumzits, outings, and lots of other awesome Volunteer-centric experiences on tap.

  • Loads of chizuk, inspiration, singing, achdut, and fun. ALWAYS.

  • We will be the first to tell you that this program is All. For. The. Kids. (F.T.K!) Counselors eat, sleep, and breathe camp. It's not an exaggeration to say our volunteer counselors are 100% focused on giving KH Kids a summer of unrelenting love, attention, and fun. 

  • There is an ongoing debate around who gains more from the KH experience. Homes tell us how much camp means to the kids. Counselors argue that their perspective on life and commitment to Tikkun Olam is changed even more.  Who's right?  Join us and see for yourself.

Travel Extension:  Our optional travel extension is *only* open to this year's KH volunteer counselors. Connect with each other, visit additional Homes, and see Eretz Yisroel in an entirely new way. Beginning when camp ends, we'll mix can't-miss highlights (*Think* Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, Bedouin Tents, Camel Rides, Machaneh Yehuda, etc.) with an amazing array of off-the-beaten-track outdoor, historical, spontaneous learning, and adventure experiences you won't get anywhere else.  Private tour guides, transportation, security, and all meals/accommodations included.

Elite Sports Extension (Kol HaMacabim): Our optional sports extension is *only* open to this year's KH volunteer counselors. This intensive, one-on-one/ small group program pairs participants with Daniel Tamir & other elite trainers for an incredible opportunity to develop your basketball skills in a unique sports setting like no other. Play, tour, train - all in Israel with recognized masters in the field of sports.  



GRADES 8 - 9


COST: $7250 for program and travel (flights not included)

Kol HaOlam is KH's newest summer program to inspire young Jewish teens towards community leadership and chesed. As Volunteer Day Camp Counselors our amazing Olamniks lead and create super fun camp activities by day, and explore, learn, and live in Jerusalem at night!


Day Camp Counselors: Under the supervision of Rabbi Justin Wexler and Mrs. Pearl Wexler, Kol Haolam Day Camp Counselors partner with Affikim, a local community center serving underprivileged populations in the heart of Jerusalem. For four weeks, JVCs become smile factories - dreaming, planning, and creating awesome summer activities for the center's day camp KH Kids (ages 5-12).

Night Activities: After a busy day of leading camp, JVCs return to their offsite home base for rest, learning, and their very own night activities around Jerusalem. 

Shabbat: Each week, JVCs visit our affiliate Homes to enjoy inspiring Shabbatot with the larger Kol HaNearim family. It's an incredible opportunity to recharge and connect with other KH Volunteer Counselors, learn from each other's experiences, meet new KH kids, and soak up Shabbat in a way that can only be done B'aretz. 


Travel Israel: For our Kol HaOlam program, travel is part of the fun! Once our 4-week camp program comes to an end,  JVCs celebrate their hard work with 3 additional weeks of touring! 

Mixing can't-miss highlights (*Think* Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, Bedouin Tents, Camel Rides, Machaneh Yehuda, etc.) with an amazing array of off-the-beaten-track outdoor, historical, chesed, spontaneous learning, and adventure experiences this is an Israel experience unlike any other. Private tour guides, transportation, security, and all meals/accommodations included.





Spending a Gap year in Israel? We need you!

Gain valuable leadership experience and play an important role in the Kol HaNearim community with one of the following senior KH volunteer opportunities.


KH Senior Camp Coordinator: Add experience to your resume, sharpen your leadership skills, deepen your commitment to chesed, and see a completely different side of Israel as a KH Senior Camp Coordinator.  In this lead volunteer position, Coordinators help KH Staff interview and screen Jr. and Classic counselor applicants. During KH summer camp programs, Coordinators live on-site with the counselors, make sure they are healthy and happy, and oversee all camp activities. In addition, Coordinators serve as a liaison/ representative between KH  and local Israeli Home Staff and help set the tone for an incredible summer camp experience for everyone. (No pressure:) 


Private Group Volunteers: Are you a college educator, parent, student/community leader, or travel planner organizing an Israel experience for college/yeshiva aged adults?  If you are looking for a unique, meaningful way to volunteer, consider volunteering with us and the Children's Homes we serve.  Email Executive Director, Andi Koppelman to discuss the possibility of short stay volunteer opportunities.  Your group participants will live on-site at a Children's Home assisting staff members with daily care, homework support, and creating meaningful programming for children in the home.  Volunteers also have the opportunity to learn from leading professionals in Israel in the field of child care, and working with at-risk youth. Email:

Kol HaNearim NYC Volunteer Program:  Join KH community members who are committed to giving back in NYC at least two Fridays per month. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about successful organizations, meet like-minded peers, and enjoy themselves while helping those in need in our own community. We currently partner with Broadway Community Soup Kitchen, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, and City Meals on Wheels and are working hard to connect with more organizations soon! This is a flexible commitment, where each week you confirm your placement for the following Friday. To learn more  please email  Email:



Phone: 1-646-887-5716

Kol Hanearim is a 501-c-3 organization