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The Journey Begins!

The work we are off to do is not just a summer program to us. This is our life’s work, our life’s passion, and our life’s responsibility. The vision we have is big - We are striving to help every child at risk break the cycle of distress. We are striving to help every vulnerable member of society know that they have KH and Emunah as a support system. We are striving to shed light to the world on the beauty of the Jewish people. We are striving to demonstrate to the world how Israel is a leader of social work, social justice, and freedom. I have been doing this long enough to know that when I speak in these grand terms – people view it as fluffy or naïve. I can’t blame them. We are setting off to do seemingly “impossible” and unquantifiable tasks. But, by the end of the summer, I hope to at least most of you – what I just said above won’t seem like clichés – but rather feel like reality.

Get excited!!!!!!! Can't wait!

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