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Out of My Comfort Zone - From the Journal of Lizzy Olshin

July 9th, 2021 | Achuzat Sarah

This week, Achuzat Sara hosted a surprise Kochav Nolad (Talent Show). My co-counselor, Yael, and I decided to make a dance for our girls to perform. We figured this would make it easier for them to participate (we had zero expectations that any of them would be willing to try!). Once we showed the girls the dance we choreographed and they saw how hard we worked, they decided to do it with us! We practiced for a few hours and everyone was really excited. Initially, we (volunteer counselors) didn't want to perform in front of the whole home because it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. We quickly realized however that our comfort didn’t matter when it came to our girls. In the end, we performed, embarrassed ourselves, and it was the best feeling ever! I realized that I didn't care how silly I looked because it made my girls happy and smile. On Kol HaNearim we are encouraged to step out of our comfort zone- we’d all do anything to make the kids happy! . PS, we won the talent show!


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