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Michael Reidler

Founder & Chairman

Rav Yair HaLevi

Educational Director

Eddie Mattout

COO & Co-founder

Gabriel Low

Head of Advancement

Arielle Setton

Executive Director

James Goldberg

CTO & Co-founder

Ezra Berman

Outreach & Co-founder

Rachel Meyer

KH America Director

Rachel Bargad

Israel Development Leader

CFO & Co-founder

Alex Agus
Rachel Gindi

Admin Oversight

Yael Simon

Israel Engagement

Ezra Gontownik

VP & Co-founder

Shira Ben David

Engagement & Co-founder

Lilly Gontownik

Operations Manager

Dalia Scheiner

Programming Director



As of 2020, Kol HaNearim has summer programs in seven different foster homes in Israel and one in Ukraine. 




Emunah Achuzat Sara

Achuzat Sara located in Bnei Brak, is a warm, supportive, year-round home for approximately 140 children, ages 6-18. Here, they have the opportunity to “smile and be educated”, to grow up in a family environment with a sense of belonging and develop self-confidence, while growing, flourishing and progressing towards a better future. The children are referred by the welfare authorities after having been removed from their homes in the belief that an out-of-home placement will be beneficial to them, both now and in the future. 

Beit HaYeled (AMIT)

AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled, a residential community in the Gilo suburb of Jerusalem, is a safe, welcoming refuge for 120 children, ages 5 to 12. These children are rescued from lives that were filled with violence and hopelessness. AMIT’s unique pioneering model creates surrogate families, each one led by a young couple dedicated to “parenting” approximately a dozen children. These young and vulnerable children, living and learning at Beit Hayeled, experience a nurturing environment, where they feel safe and cared for—in many cases, for the first time in their lives. 

Neve Amiel

Neve Amiel provides an individualized educational-therapeutic program; empowerment through acquisition of life skills; maximization of each child’s potential; vocational training and high school matriculation; integrated therapeutic intervention for each child and family; intensive army service preparation; a rich social involvement program that encourages volunteering in the community and giving back to others.

Neve Landy

Children’s Village “Neve Landy Emunah” which lies south of the country, is a religious children’s village post-hospitalization of Emunah. The village is supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The village houses about 80 boys aged 6-19, who come mostly from the south, referral is made by a welfare worker after being at high risk in their home. Some coming to the campus after hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals. Their motivating factor is our consistent belief in the ability of each child, being unique, and the fundamental right to get the most optimal conditions for development.

Emunah Neve Michael

Neve Michael, located in Pardes Hanna, Israel, serves 250 children ages 4-18 years old  from all over Israel; it is currently the only multidisciplinary children’s home in country. Besides providing refuge and a loving home for over 250 children and youth at risk, the Home has a 24-hour Emergency Crisis Center, the first teenage girls’ crisis center in Israel, an elementary school on the premises, day care facilities that also serve disadvantaged children in the area, a Therapy Enrichment Center tailored to meet the individual needs of the children, and an External Crisis Center and Therapy Counseling Unit which help keep families at risk intact, even under the most trying circumstances.

Emunah Sarah Herzog (Afula)

Located in the busy center of Afula is an oasis of caring, an island of serenity and stability for some of Israel’s most needy children, the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Center. The Center, a residential and after school therapeutic day care facility serving 180 children at risk aged 5-18, was established in 1949 to provide a haven for young holocaust survivors.


Talpiot located in Hadera: Talpiot's mission is to reduce the number of at-risk children and youth in the region of Hadera and prevent risk situations in families. It provides a comprehensive spectrum of community-oriented programs for the at-risk children and youth population and their families living in the region. Talpiot manages a children village with several residential and non-residential therapeutic facilities for children aged 5-16. Its regional continuum of services and responses for at-risk children and youth aged 5-22 and their families, involves regional outreach programs and frameworks.

Tikva (Odessa)

Tikva’s core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Odessa and neighboring regions of the Former Soviet Union. Tikva provides a warm, compassionate home, essential social services and a quality education, while revitalizing the growing Jewish community of Odessa. In addition, Tikva offers its graduates the opportunity for a brighter future through university & technical education in Odessa & immigration to Israel, where Tikva continues its support services to help them thrive.

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