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First Day of Neve Michael

To start off Kol Hanearim, each home was divided into their own busses. Kids were filled with excitement and everyone was eager for this experience to finally begin. After a short bus ride of socializing and meeting new people and making new friends, all homes meet at a nice park with beautiful scenery. Rav Yair added some extra excitement to the first event with all the homes as he was hoisting people up on his shoulders. After some icebreakers, we had pizza for lunch. We then went to the Kotel and had a great overlook on the Orayta rooftop as well as a meaningful experience. We then proceeded to Herzliya for a nice dinner with everyone together, with crazy dancing and great energy. After the dinner, everyone exhausted we take a bus ride to Shlomi, the place we will be staying for the next few days for orientation to get prepared for a life changing summer.

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