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Achuzat Sarah | Week 2 Round Up by Becca Hershowitz, Coordinator

July 2, 2021 | Achuzat Sarah

Last Shabbat was beautiful, filled with quality time, Shiurim, and reflection. and we began this week with a trip up to Tzfat on Motzei Shabbat. The experience was extra special because some of the children joined us and most have never been there before! Through the trip, we sang our hearts out, focused on the kids, our goals, and why we are here. We truly came together as a group.

Sunday afternoon we were back at Achuzat Sara. The kids were welcomed with open arms and big smiles, and all of us were ready for the jam-packed week ahead.

Monday included time at pool day followed by an awesome highlight activity...Cupcakes Wars! We finished the day with a late-night מסיבה פולמון ( big dance party).

Tuesday's highlight activity was Tie-Dye Day with everyone designing their own groovy t-shirts followed by movie night later that evening. To make it really special, we turned the lunchroom into a theatre, gave out tickets, popcorn and drinks. Who says you can't bring the experience of the movies to the kids??

Wednesday the boys had an amazing Army Day, led by Rav Yair. Through obstacle courses and cheers, the boys learned how to use their strength and unite as one. That afternoon, we had our first “happening”, or extra-special activity, with a big party with inflatable slides, cotton candy machines, hot dogs, music, and dancing!

Each and every day we are becoming closer with these kids, recognizing how lucky we are to be beside them this summer. We are constantly creating memories whether by waking them up in the morning or playing soccer. Each volunteer is giving their all, stepping outside of their comfort zones, showing these kids that we are here for them, no matter what. We spend time every night reflecting on the day together, discussing both our highs and lows, so that we can continue to grow on both an individual and collective level.

Achuzat Sara, the staff, and most importantly, the kids, are teaching us more than we can ever imagine! It feels incredible to be back here in full swing. We are very excited to have another amazing Shabbat together!!


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