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Achuzat Sara | Week 1 Wrap Up by Uri Lorkis

July 25, 2021, Achuzat Sara

In one way, it feels as if the group of us has known each other for a few weeks, on the other hand, the electric energy we have been bringing makes every day feel like the first.

We started off on Sunday with an orientation at TVA, learning with Rav Yair and getting to know each other. A few hours later, we stepped off the bus at Achuzat Sarah to a beautiful welcome sign, and children beaming from ear to ear. We've heard time and again how overjoyed the home is to have us, and how much the kids missed Kol HaNearim last summer. This knowledge, paired with the warm feeling of welcome we received, gave us the drive to make this summer the best one yet.

The summer began with an opening home-wide barbecue. Eating and laughing together on the grass, as we blasted music and hung out together for the first time. We kicked off the first full day playing gaga and basketball in the morning, and in the afternoon we built booths for Minute to Win it. Everybody loved it, and when the activity was over we had a spontaneous dance party (the first of many of that week!)

The next few days were filled with sports, team building at the park, and a foam cannon (!!). The volunteers also got a chance to learn more about the home and participated in meaningful and thought-provoking shiurim led by Rav Yair. We are deeply appreciative of the special opportunity we have to spend time in Achuzat Sarah and build relationships with the kids and staff alike. In my eyes, the most meaningful moments of my week have been the down times, the “boring” moments, where everyone sits quietly between activities, hanging out together, or playing guitar, feeling the companionship that we are building together grow.

We ended the week strong. In the morning we brainstormed future activities (Including turning the Home into a water park and had a massive water fight!) We finished with a Tisch and a bonfire, sitting together afterwards to celebrate our first week with nosh from Burgers Bar, reflect on the week behind us, and plan together the week ahead. Pure joy and fun is the only way to describe it.

We’re all looking forward to Shabbat together, feeling fulfilled, and grateful to be here.

By: Uri Lorkis


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