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Achuzat Sarah | From the Journal of Josh Hyman, Volunteer

July 2, 2021 | Achuzat Sara

Shabbat may have begun our week in Achuzat Sarah, but its power is felt every single day. We awaken each morning revitalized with the excitement of a new day. Motzie Shabbat, we trekked up the mountains of Tzfat; for us it was our first time in Tzfat as a group, but for the children, it was their first time ever. Together, we dawned on the upcoming fast and drew strength from meaningful stories and niggunim. It was a night to remember in a pitch black cave we won’t forget. Monday, we enjoyed bonding time at the pool, a fan favorite of the KHids. It’s moments like these we glare straight into the lasting impact we’ll have on our KHids' lives. While many enjoyed the time relaxing and playing games, quite a few volunteers successfully taught children to swim. The day ended with a colorful cupcake war, and an insane dance party. Let’s just say Bnei Brak looked a bit more like Tel Aviv that night. Other weekly highlights include, Army day, Movie night, Tie-Dye, and יום כיף. Smiles illuminated the room on army day as the kids reaped the benefits of their hard work. Although we watched the Greatest Showman during movie night, the greatest show was not on the screen. The KHids, (and by that I mean volunteers) could not be kept in their seats as the excitement of the movie prompted a dance recital in the back of the theater. Tie-Dye was a huge hit as kids lined up to show off their newly developed Tees. Lastly, יום כיף was a blast. The KHids didn’t leave their toes, racing to grab cotton candy, slide down blowups, and shoot some hoops. Seeing the kids off to their respective homes for Shabbat will be bittersweet. I know we’ll count the moments until they return. Yet, we are looking forward to Fridays trip to ירושלים where we will we prepare to see —ירו— the fullness —שלם— of Shabbat (through the lense of our visit to Rav Kook’s home). !!שבת שלום

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