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Neve Wrap Up - Final Musings

The last few days of Neve Michael were filled with emotions. Tuesday, the older Kevutzot went to Luna Park. The kids and volunteers had a blast going on the exciting rides and spending time together around the park. The smiles on all the kids faces that day will forever be sketched in my mind and seeing how much fun the volunteers and kids were having together really made my summer. The highlight for me was being at the top of the Ferris wheel with two volunteers and one of my kids and looking out at the rest of the park and realizing that this summer we had truly made a difference. We gave these kids hope. We gave these kids the confidence to believe in themselves and push towards their dreams. And that is what I really wanted to accomplish this summer. To inspire dreams. Because so many of us in life have things we want to accomplish or goals we want to reach but we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves to chase them. Now a