Kol HaNearim is a 501(c) (3) non-profit with a mission is to provide socio/emotional support to children at-risk so that they can build resilience, confidence, and a network of peers and mentors as they grow.

Working in partnership with over a dozen youth villages in Israel and a growing network of teen /young professional-centric volunteers from around the world, Kol HaNearim creates fun, impactful, supplementary programming to support the important services provided by our affiliate youth village homes in Israel as well as a number of similarly focused non-profits in the United States and beyond.


From summer camp and holiday parties to coding classes and after school mentorship programs,

Kol HaNearim is dedicated to giving children a chance at a better future by providing them with the childhood experiences they deserve, and an extended community of people of who love and support them.


In 2008, Michael Reidler, Founder and Chairman of Kol HaNearim, spent a summer volunteering for an Israeli youth village. The experience left an indelible impression on him, and what started as a singular experience turned into an annual event.  Friends joined him the following year. And then friends of their friends came along as well. Each group humbled and inspired by a summer spent creating fun, loving, camp experiences for youth village residents.  Kol Hanearim is the outgrowth of those early, impromptu summers, and today over 3500 youth village children are treated to both year-round supplementary programming as well as summer camp experiences with the help of Kol HaNearim's network. Lead by a dedicated team of volunteer board members, professional staff,  and hundreds of teen/ young professional volunteers from around the world, our KH (Kol Hanearim) community continues to grow. We invite you to get involved or donate today!




Unfortunately, poverty, neglect, and abuse are a reality in Israel, as they are throughout the world in underprivileged communities. For some of Israel’s most vulnerable youth a stable, safe, loving childhood is not attainable in their home environments. In the most extreme cases, children at-risk are relocated to government-run youth villages for their protection.


While each village is unique, most of these 24/7 homes provide professional services such as psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work, conventional and para-medical therapies, and education in addition to basic food, shelter, a safe place to live, and a stable place to heal.


There are approximately 60 Youth Villages throughout Israel serving approximately 18,000 children between every year. Israeli children rely on these shelters to overcome past trauma, and give them a second chance at childhood, help them realize their inborn strengths, and build hope for a better future. 

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