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Count Your Blessings

Danced a lot during Purim in July Then I saw a kid just sitting on the side Look In his face like he was bouta cry So I took a seat next to him and asked him why Didn't get an answer not even a face So I took him outside and I sat and wait Showed I was here for him and sat till 8 He wanted to leave so we went to his place He crawled up into bed and that's when it hit me All he had to his name was one dirty Pair of shoes what a pity I sat on his bed and thought to myself He's living on earth but it seems like hell All I care about is to live life well But this kids life is not to swell I walked outside and I cried and yelled This kid gets outta bed every morning While his life's hard but he still working I've never had a time where anything was hurting And my life has never been a burden Everything given to me no stress needed And this kids barely has someone to get him feeded The system treats some people right But the good kids starting out life in a fight Pure nice and never had light This kid lives through the harsh of night All this all hit me at once like a snake bite And now I'm sitting here just thinking about life

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