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All A-Bored

This summer at Achuzat Sara has been jam packed with a lot of trips, and with trips comes a lot of long bus rides. While these rides could consist of a lot of exhausted volunteers catching up on some sleep, most of the Americans choose to sit with the children and to utilize this downtime as time to better get to know the Israelis in a quieter, calmer setting.

I'll admit that I originally started off the bus rides with an aisle seat open next to me and my earphones plugged into my iPod, but luckily Neama chose to sit next to me from day one. She took the left ear pod out of my ear and placed it in hers. Neama then told me to play songs like "Mama" and "Know No Better", and I was immediately impressed by her taste in music. We started harmonizing together, and she even told me I have a good voice, something most people would disagree with.

It has now become a ritual that Neama and I sit together and trade songs on every ride, and I look forward to every trip we have with the Israelis where I can continue learning songs and singing harmonies with her. It amazes me how easily we could connect through music, something I've always connected with my best friends back at home.

I'm looking forward to one of my last bus ride opportunities today on our trip to Hayarkon Park with my girl Neama where we can have our final jam session for the summer. While this may be our last bus ride of the summer, I'm sure we will be trading songs for life.

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