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We kicked off a HOT day at AS with a spa for the girls including mani/pedis, bracelet/necklace making, hair coloring, etc. while the boys had army training run by our very own חייל, Gabe Low. We then went to town to get some food and hang out with each other- it's so crazy to think that we all just met each other a few days ago because I feel like I've known everyone here for yeaaarsss. When we came back we had a chance to chill with our kids, which was amazing because it shows that we don't need to have an amazing event planned for us in order to have a great time and that just our presence in our kids' rooms is appreciated. After that we went down to the soccer field with the kids for a carnival including lotsss of ice cream, balloons and games!!!, a photo booth, frisbee decorating, and tattoos. Not only did we have a fun time at the carnival, but I had the opportunity to connect with my kids, specifically with a girl named Adar. When I first arrived at AS, it was hard to get to know her because she didn't seem too interested and she was pretty tough to crack, but today I felt that we connected on a different level. It is only day four and everyday I feel that I connect with each of my kids in a different way. To end off a perfect day, we then went to Tel Aviv for an AMAAZING dinner with the one and only Michael Reidler. I CANNOT WAIT for everything Achuzat Sara has in store.

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