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Shabbos at Afula

This past weekend, Afula was able to enjoy another amazing Shabbos. The kids were unable to join us, so we all took this as an opportunity to grow closer. Shabbos started off with spectacular Friday night services, which were mixed together with singing and dancing, to create the utmost meaningful and spiritual environment; the energy in the room was palpable. Then, everyone went into the cafeteria for a tasteful dinner prepared by the Afula staff. While eating, we all went around reminiscing in our favorite and most meaningful moments of the summer. This reassured everyone that we have been helping our kids in a meaningful way and will end off our summer as strong as possible. After eating and singing, we stayed up for hours just talking, laughing, and having a good time; it was a great way to spend our last Friday night together. Come Shabbos day, we continued to bond. During lunch, we sat down for an intimate meal which really epitomized the family atmosphere we have created here in Afula. Even when my grandparents came to the cafeteria to visit me, they sat down and it was like they were all of our grandparents. By the end of lunch, everyone was referring to them as grandma and grandpa. For the remainder of the day, we napped and hung out until it was time for mincha and Shalish Shudus. After praying and eating (again), we all sat in a circle for a Shira which perfectly ended our last Shabbos together.

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