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We Are Family

We got up about 30 minutes earlier than we usual do yesterday morning. On a normal summer day that would be a bummer, but given that I was about to spend time with my new brothers I was actually happy to get up earlier. After we prayed, we went out to the buses to the place that we were staying and the first thing I saw was about 40 small tents. I was really not sure how the sleeping arrangement was going to be and who I would be with. One of the kids who is not even in my group came up to me, gave me a hug and then asked me if I would be with him, his friend, and another American. This was touching, because me and this kid spoke opposite laungages and had a hard time understanding each other. Despite the language barrier, he came up to me and ensured that I was ok and offered me a place to sleep. Later that night we had an amazing dinner with many different terrific foods. The next morning, we woke up to one of the counselors singing an Israeli song which was a great start to an amazing day. We went on a water hike where my friends and I went swimming in a river, jumped off of small cliffs and splashed each other. Afterwards we were all soaking and tired, but it was all worth it. We came back to Neve Michael that evening and chilled with kids, listening to music and eating good food. The only bad part was that this was another day, which means just a couple days left of what has been the most meaningful experience I have ever been apart of.

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