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World Cup Championship

Today was another amazing day here at Neve Michael. The featured program of the day for the boys was the 3rd annual World Cup. Each Kvutsah participated and squared off against the best of the best in Pardes Chana. One of the boys in my kvutsah was so excited for the games he woke up right away and helped the volunteers get all the other boys ready. The excitement on the boys faces was seen throughout Neve and the competition was fierce. Eventually, Team Ethiopia (13-17 boys) took home the championship after many long hard fought battles against Brazil, Portugal, and Argentina. The Migrash looked beautiful. Filled with colorful and creative signs with sponsors such as Coca Cola and Pizza Hut. It was so nice to see all the kids and volunteers come together to make such an amazing day. These kids don't get to participate in organized sports and today was a reminder of how lucky we are too learn things like sportsmanship and teamwork. And hopefully today we spread these ideals to the kids at Neve Michael to inspire them to work together in all competitions in life. The summer is almost over but the relationships and friendships some have built and some are still building will last forever.

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