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Going with the Flow

Yesterday was the first day of our 2 day tiyul from Neve Michael. We were told that we would be going kayaking, which sounds mostly relaxing in theory, but in practice was a rafting trip that was much more lively. Once we arrived at Kfar Blum for the rafting, I got together with my kvutza and two madrichim. There was not a single native English speaker in the bunch. Luckily, this provided another opportunity to improve my Hebrew, which could use some work. I learned that the kids in my kvutza are driven. All of the kids were in it to win and I was being put to work rowing our raft forward. A couple rapids later, everyone left the boat a little more tired and a little more wet, which was exactly what everyone needed in the 30 degree heat. After a break at the hotel, we got to regroup with the kids for a bunk night. However in accordance with the spontaneity of Kol HaNearim, bunk night turned into a dance party. You have to be able to roll with the program. One of the biggest things I've learned at Neve Michael is how to go with the flow. Whether or not the schedule matches up to what's actually happening, the ability to work with your situation and show the kids a good time is vital. Fun doesn't need to have a schedule.

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