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World Cup & Birthday

Today at Afula we spent yet another day at the waterpark. We ran around from pool to slide to wave pool until our fingers were prunes. Being at the pool all day was very tiring, which made it even more rewarding. Even after a really tiring long day we couldn't miss Oshrat, a girl in the homes, eleventh birthday party. We all sat in a circle and said a nice memory that we have had with the birthday girl. No birthday party would be complete without the classic Israeli chocolate cake with milk chocolate pieces on top. We of course had to have a dance party with the birthday girl on our shoulders. Getting a kid in this home to crack a smile is always a big accomplishment and tonight Oshrat's smile crated a memory that I know I will never forget. When the party was over we put all of the girls to sleep. Even though this seems small compared to water parks and World Cup it is one of my favorite parts of the day. Once the kids were all sleeping it was time for the Americans to have an activity of their own. We played the newly wed game. We were broken up into groups of two and asked questions about our partner. With this came many laughs and we were brought even closer together as a group. Being with the kids is so important but I think that being close with the Americans is also significant because it helps us create the amazing environment that we have for the kids.

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