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The first question one is often asked when they explain their summer program is, "was it fun?" Fun? No. KH is most definitely not a fun program. At orientation in the beginning of the summer Michael Reidler explained to us that this wouldn't be a fun four weeks. After hearing that statement, almost every person in the room looked worried, reconsidering their decision to sign up. What we all soon learned is that Micheal was right. KH is not a typical "fun" summer program. KH would be more accurately described by phrases like "life changing" or "worth it". What makes this program different from Lavi, Seneca, Kanfei or Sulam is the fact that KH is centered around so much more then just having "fun." It's about purposeful fun. What this means is that instead of simply going to a water park to run around with your friends, you go with young kids and watch, protect and play with them in the hopes of buckling strong and meaningful bonds. What we do in KHamp may be challenging, but in the end it is truly rewarding to see the smiles on the children's faces. An experience I faced after only two weeks in Talpiot occurred while I was putting the kids in my kvutsa to sleep. One of the girls, who is about eight years old, was crying under her blanket. She kept saying in Hebrew that she missed her mother and at that point everythin