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Selflessness Goes a Long Way

Once again, putting others over myself has proved to be extremely fulfilling. Today we went on a tiyul to Memadion water park in Tel Aviv. Some of my best childhood memories took place goofing around at waterparks in the summer. Naturally, I was tempted to go off with my friends and do my own thing. However, I resisted the temptation and stayed with my kids the whole day. Dealing with aggravated Israelis pushing and shoving in lines all day was tough, but looking back on the experience, spending the day with my kids was far more fulfilling than any trip to the waterpark I had ever had. From now on, every time the choice of "myself or others" presents itself to me, I will try to opt for others because it just feels better. In my opinion that's what this summer is about; learning to put others before ourselves. I will use my experience at the water park as a way to motivate myself to put my kids first throughout the summer.

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