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Boker Tov

Waking up in the morning can be a very difficult task for many. This task is only made more difficult by extremely late bedtimes and exhausting days. Even though my friends and I went to bed late, we jumped out of bed at 6:50 am to wake up our girls. We did this because we understand that morning wake up is such a special time. There, we get the privilege to be the first thing these girls see when they open their eyes. These children don't have parents that come and wake them with a comforting smile and a hug. By taking on this act, we provide the children with a sense of consistency and normalcy in their morning routines and relationships. Our morning wake up routine, which consists of music and a smile, gives the children something to look forward to. As the children close their eyes right before bed with us by their side, they know that the next time they open their eyes we will be ready and waiting. The happiness this brings them is evident in their infectious smiles that appear on their half asleep face the second they hear our voices. This incredible feeling of happiness and togetherness is felt throughout the room, and throughout the day.

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