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Recharge and Reconnect

After a difficult yet rewarding introductory week with our kids, we took an off day and went to the beach. We had so much fun playing volleyball and swimming, despite 4 jellyfish stings. The late wake-up and fun day together in the sun was a great way to relax and get pumped for Shabbos. It also allowed the group to bond and become even closer. It is crazy to think that we have become so close after such few experiences together. Later today, we will be celebrating Michael's last day in Israel by spending Shabbat with the American group in Talpiot. It was very hard to leave for shabbas because over the past week we have become to comfortable in afula. Despite the negative energy on the way, we were greeted with positive vibes from the moment we arrived. We filled our new home with incredible Ruach and spirits, sharing our experiences from the previous week. Shabbos at Talpiot was a great way to reconnect with our friends and recharge, and we are pumped for the next week at Afula.

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