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Afula Carnival!

Today in Afula, the entire home traveled to Luna Park, an amusement park in Tel Aviv. At the park, we went on roller coasters and other rides and had an AMAZE day all around. There were roller coasters, games, and so much more that everyone enjoyed. Most of the time we stuck with our assigned groups and hung out with our kids, but today I was really fortunate to spend some time with a boy whom I met from the day care. Two days ago, I spent the day with him at the pool, but we didn't leave off on such a great foot. However, today I was able to spend some more time with him and we went on the swings and the biggest roller coaster there three times in a row. He told me that at first he was scared but after going on the roller coaster the first time he got less scared and kept asking me to go again. After a very tiring day at the park, I didn't really want to keep going on the same roller coaster, but I could tell that he was really happy that I went with him. But this was just the beginning. When we returned to Afula we immediately started preparing for our big 5th of July carnival. We made posters and set up several booths with activities such as Apple bobbing, watermelon eating contests, can tosses, and face paint. The energy from the kids helped us get through the day and as always, the night ended in a water fight and a huge game of soccer. Even though the carnival didn't go exactly as planned, looking back the night was still extremely successful as all the kids had big smiles on their faces.

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