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July 4th at AS!

It is the second full day in Achuzat Sara and the daily routine is starting to outline itself. For the boys davening at 9am followed by the morning activity. Today there was a major water fight scheduled. We went out to make hundreds of water balloons, and prepared water guns for the kids. First the girls went for an hour, and then the boys went. Once the balloons ran out the kids started filling up water bottles and pitchers of water and emptying them on each other. One kid opened up the fire hose and water started gushing out. Everyone was having so much fun with the he water. It was incredible to see that even with very limited resources the kids found out a way to make the most of the situation. After the water fight we had lunch and then some down time with the kids. We then went to prepare signs and booths for the 4th of July party/ BBQ which we were supposed to have soon. The kids came to the party which had face painting, soccer target shooting, water pong, etc. the kids had a blast and really enjoyed all the activities that were set up for them. We then had some down time to spend with our kids and put them to bed. There was a little time after curfew to chill. Looking back at the day it is clear to see that the kids are having an incredible time so far, and We are all looking forward to trying to continue that happiness through our time here.

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