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Meeting the Kids!

Today was the first day we met the kids and it was incredible for so many reasons. There is an amazing and unbelievable connection that the Kids of Talpiot have with the volunteers. To be able to say that there has not been a dull moment is an amazing feeling. The kids are full of energy and bring happiness and joy to the volunteers. In the mourning we went to a fun rock climbing place and ropes course,were the kids we're able to run around and be themselves . I hung out with a girl who is funny and always smiling. She would not stop thanking me and hugging me. But in reality I am the one who is thankful to meet such an amazing person who has already inspired me already. Then in the afternoon we had a crazy fun water fight. Everyone was singing and dancing and throwing water balloons. It was incredible to see the smiley faces of these kids. Then later we had karaoke after dinner. The voices of the kids brought me to tears. This was an incredible first day and can't wait too see what more amazing things will happen.

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