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Laser Tag and More BBQ

Today the Afula men davened an early Shacharit whilst the girls slept blissfully. After the girls awoke due to the chirping birds ourtisde, we all headed to an amazing breakfast prepared by our own Chef Eli. After, we split up into three groups: the first group headed to the pool with the Pnimyat Hayom children (children that come to the Afula home only during the day), the second group went to war armed with guns shooting lasers in the dense forest outside of Afula (this is where Manny, who was a sniper in the IDF, spared no mercy and won several games), the third group went to relax with the kids in their rooms. A falafel that would make an Israeli cry out in joy was then served by Chef Eli for lunch. After lunch, the groups that had not gone earlier to the pool went to the pool. Constant games of who could drown each other faster were played by everyone, regardless of consent. Olympic level pool volleyball was played for hours with tempers kept in check by Manny. Preparations for the Introductory Banquet were in full swing as soon as we returned from the pool. Chicken, hamburgers, and kebabs were thrown into the flames as marshmallows and chocolate were placed near the flames for s'more making. The children of Afula manned the BBQ and infused it with th