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Changing the World!

Waking up on our first day at Talpiot I didn't know what to expect. We were all told that we are here to change the world, but how can one comprehend that a single person can change the world. I woke up excited to conquer the world, make a difference. And that's what I learned how to do yesterday. As we arrived for a two hour talk I sat down ready to learn from incredible people. Some of the people that spoke to us we parents of families that live on the Talpiot campus, and help out with the children, and trained physiologists who dedicate their lives in order to take care of these children. They gave us advice on how to deal with the kids and the responsibility that we have over the next month. I learned to much from them. These people are true heroes. A hero is someone who looks out for the people in need and don't ask for anything in return. They have dedicated the past few years of their live to make the world a better place and for that I say thank you to everyone that helps out at these children homes. After we finished our talk to headed to Neve Michael for a barbecue with all the homes. I was exited to see my friends, but ecstatic to meet the kids I that I would be taking care of for the next month. The children at Talpiot arrived and we welcomed them with open arms. We ate food, played soccer, and sang all night. At one point during the night one of the children at Neve Michel led everyone in Shir Hamalot. To hear someone who had gone through so much at such a young age sing a song such as Shir Hamaalot was so inspirational. He could have given up and stopped believing in Hashem, but instead he stood up and sang Sher Hamaalot with all his heart. After the barbecue we headed back to Talpiot. Though only a ten minute bus ride, we had already made a difference in these kids lives. We sang and danced hoping that the bus ride would never end. Finally we reach Talpiot and we were all so happy to be together. We all went to bed knowing that this summer would be the summer that we change the world.

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