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Self harm to self confidence

I love Shabbat especially in Achuzat Sara. I was very emotional that it was our last Shabbat in the home. We had extremely meaningful long Kabalat Shabbat with loads of singing and dancing. After dinner, we had a session where we all took turns complimenting each other. Then we were all split up into couples and threesomes so that we could really bond with volunteers that we haven't gotten to know so well yet. Everyone had great conversations late at night luring on the soccer field. I had many deep and meaningful conversation throughout establishing relationships with many volunteers. On Shabbat afternoon, we had a really nice session talking about our most meaningful moments of the summer. We went around in a circle and every single person told a personal story. I told a story that occurred to me last week in a water park. When everyone put on bathing suits, I could see that one of my girls had scars on her arms that were usually covered. She saw that I was looking at them and quickly appeared to be embarrassed. She explained that she had a problem with self harm but that she hasn't done it at all since the summer started. This reminded me how incredibly important our work is here. We are giving these kids self confidence. The children are extremely vulnerable and every ounce of energy put into them makes such an incredible difference. Going into this last week, I'm going to draw upon this story as a source of motivation to give 200% to these kids.

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