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On the second to last day of the summer we gathered the entire Panimia on the field. Coordinators and volunteers threw red and blue balloons and squirted red and blue paint out of water guns. We came into the morning with lots of energy and low expectations. We knew that color war, a concept that came naturally to the Americans, would seem foreign to these kids. They were confused and it took lots of work and patience to get them to understand what exactly colorwar was. As I looked around the soccer field I saw the different reactions the kids had to this new concept and it really reminded me of the first day we came. When we came, there were those that gave us huge hugs when we walked into the room, wanted to dance until bed time with us, and made us feel wanted. Then there were those that just sat on the couch, silent. Yet just like in color war the kids that initially just sat on the couch become some of my closest friends here. The kids that sat in the shade in color war at the end became the most involved with the fashion show, sports, and every other activity in color war. One girl in specific on the first day did not even turn her head when we walked in the room. Her eyes were focused on the TV and "the Americans" meant nothing. Now as I look back on the past month that same girl that didn't want anything to do with me would not let go of me when I was saying goodnight to her. Color war was simply a confirmation of a message we had been told the whole summer; your effort has an impact so never stop trying. This message was hard to believe in for many days this summer, but what I've learned is that what we least expect has the most impact on our lives

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