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Taking Advantage of Every Day

Although Sunday's at Achuzat Sarah are usually calmer days because the kids slowly return after spending Shabbat at home, this Sunday was jam packed with activities and fun. Since it is the last week, everyone is eager to have the best time possible and make the most of every final day. We want to make that one last good impression, and change that one last kids life for the better. The day started with yoga led by Achuzat's very own Kira Fox. It was the perfect way to start our day after a physically draining night in Caesarea. After that, there was a soccer game with the members of Gabe's former unit from the Israeli army. People of all ages were able to enjoy the game of soccer with current members of the Israeli army. It was a very special game for the kids as many look up the the soldiers as heroes and warriors and to have them playing the same game of soccer made the kids feel powerful. The main event of the day was a carnival. We had American's run various stations with fun games. The winner of the game would receive a ticket. Once kids were done playing the games they could cash in there tickets for snacks located at the prize table. The tickets were a great way to keep the kids engaged and excited throughout the event. After the carnival was over we headed to dinner followed by an intense game of slip and slide kickball. Basically, each person was tasked with kicking a rolling ball thrown at you by the opposing pitcher, and running to the slip and slide located were first base would be on a baseball field. At the end of the game everyone showed proper sportsmanship as always. As some of my kids like to say after a long day "אין לי כוח"

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