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Khof Day

As the last weekend approaches I start to reminisce on the summer we all just experienced. To think back to the first weekend I realize that I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. I felt as if I knew but I didn't fully understand. Now as the last weekend approaches I think I get a better understanding of what this summer is really about. Today the Americans headed out to Herzliya after an amazing week with the kids. We got to hangout at Max's house, go for lunch, and even got to spend time at the beach. It's an amazing feeling to think that all of us came onto this program for the same reason: the kids. On this program, the friendships you make are not at all in the ordinary but over something even bigger and better. It's amazing to see how we've all grown so much in such a short amount of time and I hope that we all apply the lessons we've learned back into our lives once we leave. This program doesn't necessarily shape your personality but it's shapes the way you view your life and it helps you understand the kind of person you want to be. I'm looking forward to this Shabbat and to be able to spend the last precious moments together with all the Americans and the Israelis that are home for Shabbat.

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