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Positive Reinforcement

July 20th can be summarized by positive reinforcement. As we went down the treacherous mountain, we saw emotions of volunteers, children, madrichim, and coordinators. Some were scared, some were nervous, and some were excited. We arrived to a pool at the bottom of the mountain where almost everyone went in and had a great time. As some of us looked around we saw that many people were injured, and when we heard that we needed to climb back up the mountain, our jaws dropped. What helped us most going back up the mountain, was the love that we got from the people around us. One girl who hurt her foot badly climbed up the mountain as if she never got injured, and it was because of the support she received from her friends and by one of the kids. The whole time the kid, Osher, wouldn't let go of her hand because he cared. He constantly told her that she was doing great and that they shouldn't stop because of the rewarding feeling they will get once they reached the top. They ended up making it to the top together and celebrated with some watermelon ices. The positivity given by Osher helped the girl reach the top of the mountain. In life we all need positive reinforcement once in a while. Positivity is what will help us reach the top of the mountain.

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