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A Taste of Goodbye

Today was the 2nd last day that the Pnimiyot Yom kids will be part of our daily routine at Afula. Because of this, we staged a 4th of July style carnival on the basketball court to give them one more great day at the home. The kids absolutely loved it. Everywhere we turned there was another kid smiling, another kid on the shoulders of a volunteer, or another water balloon being thrown. After lunch, we spent almost no time on land. First we went kayaking with the kids, and then we had a dance party on a boat ride through the Kinnerett. Despite the fact that the boat was shaking, the energy on the boat was still great, and kids still wanted to dance! It was great to finally reunite with our kids after spending a few days apart. It really made us wonder how we will ever be able to say goodbye for an entire year! We only have seven days left, so let's make sure not to count down the days. Let's make the days count!!

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