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Friendly Competition

Let the games begin!! This morning Afula hosted the first annual World Cup for the PY (day care) campers. As the Americans drafted each camper, the excitement flourished. Each team made banners and songs to represent their country. There were shifts of soccer games, keeping the competition strong. The kids ran onto the court with smiles that never faded. The teams on the bench cheered for their friends which kept the spirit going. With sweat and smiles, everyone ran to the cheder ochel. Luckily, lunch today was especially good and everyone went for thirds!!! When the PY kids left, we headed to the beach to meet our boarder kids who left to a tiyul this morning. We made kites and swam, it's never a bad day at the beach. Although we were exhausted, the bus home was filled with feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. All of that exhaustion somehow turned into energy which lead to a classic afula water fight to end the night.

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