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Final Push

Just another awesome day at the pool! We had a bright and early start to our day with our PY (day care) kids. With our boarder kids still at their tiyul, the PY kids had our undivided attention. As the gates to the pool opened at 9 AM sharply, we all bursted in with joy and excitement. The day consisted of water fights, handstand competitions, races, and much more! And of course, a delicious schnitzel and hummus pita lunch to satisfy our empty stomachs after all of the swimming. After PY returned home, we spent a jam packed afternoon planning awesome events for the next (and final) week here in Afula. After supermarket and candy store runs, goodie bag packing, and sign making, we were good to go. We spent the night with the Chermon girls taking the kids out for dinner in town, filled with lots of laughs, smiles, and especially pizza. We ended off our incredible day with a hilarious game of Emoji. Everyone was split into partners and assigned a phone emoji to dress up as. It was the perfect way to complete an amazing day, and we cannot wait for next 8 days we have here!

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