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Facing our Fears for the Kids

Today we went to Luna Park with the mishpachtonim. After an hour long bus ride filled with songs, snapchat selfies, and naps, we finally arrived. Now that we were all well-rested, each one of us was ready to conquer the day. We had a quick snack of shoko and ran to the first ride: the haunted house. Even though I don't like rides, it was truly amazing to see all of my new friends, the girls in Barid, running from each ride to the next. On the line for a rollercoaster, I noticed that one of the girls didn't have anyone to sit next to. That meant that she wouldn't be able to go at all (because she's younger than the minimum age), or she would have to be accompanied by a stranger. This was my moment to show the kids the reason that I came. I decided to get up from the bench and go on the rollercoaster with her. When one of the kids believe that they are alone, we are there to show them that they are not. We are the ones who are here to sit next to them on every single rollercoaster— whether it is a straight ride or has some bumps — when others are not here for them.

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