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Spreading Light

Today I was reminded of why I am here. Unfortunately one of my volunteers was not feeling well so I went with her to the hospital. After waiting and waiting for hours we both began to get impatient and frustrated. It was then that we spotted one of the kids from the pnimiat yom (day care) in Talpiot. She was standing across the room in the same clothes she was wearing yesterday. When she saw us her face lit up and she ran towards us. We laughed and played until we forgot that we were sitting in a hospital. She is only nine years old and she came with her mother who had been waiting a long time, just as we were. Most mothers would not bring their daughter to wait at a hospital for hours without a snack or a game, but sadly this seemed to be normal for this little girl. My volunteer put aside her own pain and discomfort and focused all of her energy on this girl who needed us. It was then that there was this light in the hospital that was not there before. This light represented the purest type of joy. That was the moment that remembered the very reason I am here: to make sure that this light continues to be spread everywhere, everyday.

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