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Today, july 13, I was given the opportunity to go to Jerusalem and partake in a bar mitzvah at the Kotel. Two of my fellow volunteers as well as 3 kids from my group went at 6:45 in the morning to the Kotel. There, we met up with the family and took part of their son Jacob's Simcha. We davened, sang, and danced with him in hopes of helping enhance his simcha. My personal reaction to this trip was that I was able to see how big of an impact I can have on children who are not in need. I can help anyone and make them equally as happy. After returning at 4, all of the boys here at Afula came together for a basketball tournament. Personally, it was one the biggest successes so far. All of the kids were so dedicated to their teams and all were giving their all to win and to participate. Almost everyone participated and it was enjoyable watching everyone collaborate to achieve victory.

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