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Three Words

Being in achuzat Sarah for the past week and a half made me realize the impact three words can have on an individual. When I entered achuzat Sara I saw a specific girl who did not have a smile on her face and acted cold towards the Americans. At first I was intimidated and scared to approach her because I thought I wouldn't get a warm response. I knew that it wasn't easy for these kids to open up to me because of the hardships they have gone through in their life. As the days went on her behavior became more extreme. When I entered the room she would shut the door on my face and when I tried to talk to her she would simply walk away. I began to doubt the potential of our relationship. However, as Micheal Reidler said "don't give up on these kids," I approached her one last time on Friday night. I walked up to her and said three words that I never thought would affect her so greatly; "you look beautiful." The smile on her face was indescribable and she replied thank you. A few days later, I sat down with her and she opened up to me, we spoke about the house, her friends, school, and everything she would talk about with her friends and family. She finally understood that there are people out there that love and care about her. Achuzat Sara and the Kol hanearim family taught me that the three words we hear constantly and don't appreciate, can really affect girls lives and give them the boost of the confidence they need to succeed and feel a sense of purpose in this world.

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