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We woke up this morning ready to go to a water park with our kids. When we got there, and saw all the "great" slides, we thought there was no way we could spend 6 hours here. The water park looked extremely boring and childish. 6 hours later and that was one of the best days of my life, but let me explain how that was possible. I entered the park with responsibility of 2 specific kids, and the second we entered, these kids faces lit up and the amount of excitement that they had was indescribable. We went from ride to ride, no matter how long the wait, and after each ride, we ran right to the next one. This was the first time this summer that I was really responsible and in charge, and chasing these kids around almost made me feel as if I was there dad. One thing that made me realize how happy the kids were that we were there was when I was sitting to take a break, and a kid came out of the pool to tell me to come play. This made me realize that these children wanted us their and they loved the time that they hung out with us. Looking back on today, what should have been extremely boring was somehow amazing. This is only because of one thing, which are the amazing kids that we got to spend the day with. The smiles and energy that these kids had the whole time made the whole experience fun and meaningful. Overall, when I look back at today, I remind myself about the meaning of this summer, which is to play with these kids and make them have the best time of their lives.

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