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The second I woke up I washed up so I could get to my girls immediately. When I got to my kids they were coloring and relaxing due to it being a fast day with no outdoor activities planned. I decided with one of my cos Olivia that it would be a good idea to get string and rainbow looms from the counselors room so that we could do string with our kids. Once we brought the string to the room the kids were so excited to do an activity that the Americans brought from home. They kept asking me "dylan Zeh meh America?!". They wanted to help me with their string and help them decide what they wanted to do with it. I asked their madricha for a cardboard cereal box so that I could cut it in order to make something to hold the string in order to make a design for a bracelet. One of the girls was not sure how to do a certain design so I showed her how to do it and she still didn't get it. At first I got a little frustrated with her but then I remembered that these kids don't have a mother around to teach them this or don't have the opportunity to attend a camp that would teach them how to make these string bracelets. So I took a deep breath and remained calm and taught her how to do it and she finally got what I was trying to teach her. Not only did she gain the knowledge of how to do something with my support my patience but I gained a sense of accomplishment for being able to keep my cool while I teach my new friend how to make a cool bracelet and it felt really good. Later on in the evening we went to the grave of the three boys that were kidnapped and killed three years ago. Even though I did not know these boys it was really emotional for all of us. We said tehilim and sang a song. And ami, Gabe,

and samara spoke to us. It got me thinking that it is really important not to take life for granted. It was a very special feeling being united in Israel after spending the last week and a half in achuzat Sara. It makes you realize we all have different roles as Jews and that these boys represent so much more than a terrorist attack. Through the death of the three boys all different kinds of Jews have come together, similar to this summer here in Israel. Us Americans are becoming one with the kids of achuzat Sara and bridging the gap that separates us.

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