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Welcome Home

After late night pizza and birthday celebrations, this morning some of us joined the Pnimiat Yom kids at the pool. The rest of us woke up a little later and went to buy decorations for the home. We decorated the gate and the entire cheder ochel in order to welcome the kids back in a more exciting and warm manner. We had music playing when they walked in, similar to the first day. However, this time the kids were smiling and excited to see us. Instead of running away from our open arms, they ran straight into them. It was amazing to see how just one week can change the kids' reactions to seeing us. We all ate lunch together, and then those of us who hadn't gone in the morning, went to the pool. Considering the hundred degree weather, none of us minded the four hours we spent there. We all ate dinner with our respective groups and then came together for a Master Chef competition where each group was given a specific desert to make. Once the music came on everyone joined together and turned our activity into a dance party. No one was without a smile on their face or a person on their shoulders. I'm sure everyone could agree that this was our most successful night activity yet, and we hope many more days and nights like this to come!

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