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Sleepover with 'Chuzzy'

Wake up this morning was earlier than ever at 7am for girls and 6 for boys. The packing was crazy because we were all amidst doing laundry from our crazy fun water fights. Once everyone got their stuff together we loaded the busses. Then we all headed out to go "skiing" and on a mini water hike. The girls and boys split up to cool down and have fun with their קבוצות. We all then met up at a spring to have lunch and swim some more. Everyone was exhausted after being out in the sun all day and getting awkward tan lines, so it was time to head to the youth hostels up north. We all had a few hours to chill out and relax until it was time to eat dinner. At 7:30, the girls started heading over to the pool where the rest of achuzat Sara was. Everyone had a great time swimming with the kids and having chicken fights. I had the privilege of teaching one of my kids how to swim which was really incredible. Achuzat Sara has been truly amazing and rewarding trying to help these kids break the cycle of distress. Michael said that we would be bored and it would be really difficult but BH everything has just been amazing and the kids have been beyond amazing! Each day has topped the last and I can't wait for these next two weeks! Today was just another AMAZE day on KH with Achuzat Sara!

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