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One Day

One day. One day is all it took to form such tight and special bonds with the obviously amazing and incredible children. One day is all it took for us to realize that we are actually undeserving of them. They are filled with so much light and so much love that fills the room in an instant. Their presence LITERALLY warms our hearts. Within the span of less than a week, we, as "volunteers", were able to get to know one another which only allowed us to grow closer to the kids individually and as a whole.

Yesterday we participated in not only a water fight, but basketball games and dancing as well. We learned that these kids are so humbly talented. They possess soccer skills beyond belief and they are constantly cheerful, smiling and fun to be with. They are able to pour huge buckets of water all over us without being even the slightest bit shy or uncomfortable. Knowing that they are comfortable around us and that they are able to just be themselves proves to us that we can actually make a difference. In addition to us bringing light to their day, they bring so much more happiness and light to ours and we are BEYOND thankful for that.

Taking the kids to Super Land today only proved to us that they are undoubtedly able to thrive in the childhood experience; not only that, they are happy to. Seeing the kids' excitement from roller coasters and water rides made us all the more excited to spend almost every day with them this month. Although they have unfortunately been through more than any of us can even attempt to imagine, they still put smiles on their faces and they do not hesitate in participating in all that we have planned for them; this is what we can call incredible.

It is crazy how you can get to know a person in such a short amount of time. Plus, the hope that these friendships will last forever is even more mind-boggling!! Although it is tough for most of us to have constant conversations with the kids in Hebrew, they truly give us the desire to continue. Being with these kids really allows us to look at life through a whole different perspective. We are beginning to realize that things that we previously thought were so significant are truly such minimal issues in our lives. We are beginning to realize that not only should we not take everything we so fortunately have for granted, but that we can't. These kids have entered our lives and allowed us to realize the true meaning of life. The love that we share for them is unconditional, and the feeling that comes to us when that love is reciprocated is like no other feeling in the world.

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