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Kids Arrive!

The big day finally came. We were all working so hard and preparing for this day. It started when we finished breakfast and began to put up all the dining room decorations. After we were finished putting them up the room looked so bright and beautiful, all the colours and the posters really made the room shine. After that we all gathered to have one last talk about the kids and the program. Following that was lunch. after lunch, we went to meet the madrichot. It was so fun, we came in with loud music and we were all signing and dancing. The atmosphere was so happy and loud. After we got our kvutzot. It was so exciting to see everyone get their group. after, my group and i went to the children's building and began to meet the kids. I began to talk to them in my broken Hebrew. They understood and smiled back at me. That one smile from that one girl made my purpose feel complete. I was filled with such emotion and joy just to see this girl smiling at me. It made me feel like I am doing good in the world by making these kids who have a harder life be happy and feel comfort. It was pretty emotional for all of us. Then we brought them to dinner and sang and danced with them. My girls already were showing such affection and appreciate and looked so happy. The atmosphere in that dining room was inexplainable. After my co counsellors went to tuck them into bed and say good night. I felt so accomplished to go in there and say good night to these wonderful and beautiful girls.

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