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Prep for the Kids

Today was incredible and the kids haven't even arrived. We started the day with the usual tefillah and breakfast and made our way (or rather we danced our way) into the simcha room in order to decorate neve michael. we wanted to ensure that the children walk into the orphanage to a warm, welcoming, and happy looking environment and after many hours of effort, we transformed the orphanage into a completely different environment. after lunch, mincha and chill time, we made our way to the buses to go to the mall! We got dinner there and enjoyed a few hours with our friends. Additionally it was yet another opportunity we had to bond with each other. Finally, we had one last meet before the children arrive tomorrow. There, Rav Yair and the rest of us discussed the type of person we would l

ike to be for the kids. We discussed how we want to portray ourselves when the kids walk into their homes tomorrow and see us standing there. In summation, because of all the prep that we had today, we are all looking forward to the children walking into their home with a warm feeling in their heart and ready to make life long friends.

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