Rachel Gindi

Administrative Oversight

Rachel Gindi is a senior at New York University studying public policy. She

is originally from LA and spent her gap year at Midreshet Amit in Israel.

Rachel has been part of the team for the past year. She was a coordinator at Achuzat Sara and helped run their first program! She is involved in various Kol Hanearim programming and planning throughout the year. 


Some of her favorite things are Israel, sushi, running, and art! A fun fact is that Rachel's family moved to Israel for the year when she was in 3rd grade. 


Her favorite part of Kol Hanearim is bringing what she loves about camp to the children of the home for the first time! She is hoping to be with us for part of Kol Hanearim Summer 2017 and is excited to stay a part of the team for many years to come.


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