Michael Reidler


Michael Reidler is the Founder and Chairman of Kol HaNearim (“KH”). Michael grew up in Englewood, NJ and attended the Ramaz Upper School for his high school education and is now a graduate student at Harvard Business School. Michael spent his first year out of college as a mergers & acquisitions investment banking analyst, prior to working at Citadel, a hedge fund located in Midtown Manhattan. Twelve years ago, Michael volunteered at a children's home in Israel and soon after founded Kol HaNearim, with the mission to provide love and care for every child at risk. This summer KH is continuing to see some of that come to life as KH will be operating programs in two countries (Israel and Ukraine) serving over 2,000 children at risk. Michael's moonshot dream is to fill up multiple airports with volunteers from around the world to go and care for the most vulnerable members of our society. 


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